Happy birthday to us!!!!

** SPECIAL birthday OFFERS **

Special discounts on a variety of stress-busting sessions from our wonderful group members. The offers are transferrable and can be used with more than one practitioner. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offers valid for bookings completed by 31st October 2017.


As the seasons around us change, so do our physical bodies, making the transition from summer towards the direction of winter. It is a time when we are open to coughs, colds and viruses, as our bodies adjust to a changing climate. For this reason, it is a great time to receive acupuncture treatment, to support the immune system and boost one’s energies, ready for the winter months ahead. You are warmly invited to take up this special £30 seasonal treatment offer with Leigh Martin, up to 1hr (normally £40 per session). Leigh also practices Swedish Massage and Cupping Therapy, and may include one or both of these during a treatment. Massage and cupping are also available as a stand alone treatment option.
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Body Stress Release
Body Stress Release (BSR) is a precise and effective way to reduce stress locked in the body. Physical and emotional stress are strongly linked and stress, tension and anxiety make people more likely to develop aches and pains, and less likely to recover from their physical symptoms. BSR releases locked-in emotional and physical stress to restore well-being, and the results can be life changing. Book a block of 4 sessions with Rob Petherick for just £100 (normally £35 per session; each session lasts between 35 and 60 minutes).
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Burnout Recovery Programme
Excessive or prolonged stress can result in burnout – a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion which affects all areas of a person’s life. If you're feeling overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless and resentful, lacking motivation and ability to meet constant demands, then this personalised burnout assessment and recovery programme will guide you on the path to good health and wellbeing. This bespoke programme offered by Dr Jelena Goranovic includes a 60 minute stress management consultation with personalised recovery plan and recommendations + reviews at 3 months & 6 months, regular stress assessments and health checks including biological stress markers. Whole package is available for just £890 (usual price £1050). Initial telephone consultation is free. This offer is limited to first three applicants.
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Change Therapy
Benita Scott is offering a deal on three bespoke sessions of her unique change therapy, to include EFT/Matrix Reimprinting, nutritional advice for best mental health and plan for how to keep momentum moving forward with your desired change. Sessions take place t the Healthy Living Company, Hove. Book three sessions for £150 (usual price £180). Initial consultation via phone is FREE. This offer is limited to first six applicants.
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Clinical PsychoNeuroImmunology
cPNI is an integrative practice suitable for people searching for the answers and solutions to complex or long-term chronic health issues to help identify underlying causes for current issues. A range of restorative tailor-made interventions including a nutritional plan, exercise, lifestyle and psycho-social interventions may be recommended. Book a course of 3 sessions with Nicki Edgell for £200, saving £105 (regular price £90 per 60 minute session, first session £125 for 90 minutes).
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Colour Mirrors Therapy
Colour Mirrors uses colour to gently access our subconscious. Each of the colours in this therapy range has its own note or vibration. The colour bottles and essences are effective in helping you make changes because they have a direct effect on our energy bodies, bypassing the conscious mind and helping you to dissolve and release blocks and resistance you’ve been holding. Each colour choice you make acts like a mirror, so your personal colour choice will reflect the potential you hold, reminding you of your talents, gifts and personal power. At the same time your choices will reflect specific patterns of behaviour that could be subconsciously sabotaging love, health, happiness and abundance in your life. Book a 75 min introductory session with Shirley Archibald, a qualified Colour Mirrors Practitioner, for £50 (usually £75)  or ablock of 3 sessions (initial session + two 90 min follow-ups) for just £90.
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Craniosacral Therapy
Suitable for all conditions, craniosacral therapy is a subtle yet effective way of allowing the body and mind to realign towards their inherent health. It is particularly beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety by working with the nervous system. Book your first 60 minute session with Deborah Brown for just £35 and/or a course of 5 sessions for just £180 (regular price £45 per session)
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) / Matrix Reimprinting
EFT is a holistic therapy that is often called 'acupuncture without needles’. It involves tapping on the meridian points of the face and hands to that help clear negative emotions. EFT is very simple to learn and the benefits are that you can use it yourself at home. It can be used for many issues such as difficult relationships, anxiety, low self-esteem, phobias and addictions to name a few. Book an introductory 75 min long EFT/Matrix Reimprinting session with Shirley Archibald for £60 (usually £75). Alternatively, you can book a block of 3  sessionsfor £105  or 6 sessions for just £245 (initial session: 75 min long, standard price £75; subsequent sessions: 60 min long, standard price £50 each). All sessions are £10 cheaper, if done via Skype!
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Empowerment Coaching
Coaching is a powerful tool for addressing challenging situations and motivating, inspiring and encouraging people to transform their lives for the better. Empowerment coaching is for those who feel that they could be doing better in life/relationships/work etc. than they actually are. It is for people who have most of the skills and knowledge in place and yet success escapes them because of fear, mental blocks or limiting beliefs. So whether it’s fear of public speaking, a repetitive pattern of dysfunctional relationships, lack of a satisfying career or anything else that you might like the change, then a course of sessions with Nikola Goranovic will set you free on the road to success. The sessions are designed to build your confidence, stop overwhelm and stress, and help find direction and boost your performance. Book a course of three one-to-one sessions for just £300 (usually £440). The first session lasts 90-120 minutes, subsequent sessions 60 minutes each. The first 30-minute introductory consultation is free.
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Family Constellations (one-to-one)
 A one-to-one Family Constellation session with Julie Ulbricht will give you an opportunity to explore an aspect of your family system which may be impacting on your day to day life. Setting up objects or markers in the room to represent aspects of our life or your family system can help to bring clarity and perspective as well as opening up the possibility of taking a positive step forwards. Book a 90 minute one-to-one session for just £45 (reqular price £60).
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Family Constellations (workshops)
Family Constellations workshops are a deep and powerful way of creating change in our lives. If we are facing a problem where we are deeply stuck, a constellation gives a new image of how to look at the issue. The new image enables us to see things differently, let go of limiting beliefs and move forward in a more resourced and resilient way. Liz Sleeper is offering 10% discount on all her one day Family Constellations workshop places (standard ticket prices range from £50 to £70). Offer applies to all one day workshops taking place in October in November that can be found on Liz's website, as well as the one day workshop run as part of the Hove StressBusters programme on Saturday 7th October.
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Hypnotherapy facilitates personal development, problem resolution and self-healing.  It is an effective therapeutic approach to a variety of psychological issues, including anxiety and addictions. Book a session with Maya Zack for £60, or a course of 4 sessions for just £225 (regular price £75 per session). The first session lasts 90 minutes, subsequent sessions 60 minutes. The 'Stop Smoking' programme is also included in this offer: £155 (standard price £225).
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Identity Constellations
New to Brighton & Hove, Identity Constellation offer you the opportunity to explore emotional difficulties in your life that block clear choices, healthy relationships and a sense of well-being. Stress, anxiety, fear as well as relationship and health problems always have an underlying cause which can often be unresolved pre-birth or infant trauma, sometimes trans-generational. Using the unique, ground-breaking and integrative IoPT method of resolving this in a somatic way, we meet the parts of ourselves that need healing, and experience a shift in the way we see ourselves. Kate Collier is offering 10% off all 1:1 90 minute sessions (standard price £70) as well as 10% discount or 'bring a friend half-price' offer for the following workshops at the Cornerstone Centre: Oct 28th 'Who am I and what do I want?' (28th Oct) and 'New Year Intention' (6th Jan - run as part of the Hove StressBusters programme) - standard ticket price £65.
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Laughter Yoga
Laughter energises, relaxes, calms and connects. Regular laughter can help us to become more playful and creative in our daily lives and significantly reduces stress. Laughter increases oxygenation in the body, boosts endorphin levels, boosts the immune system and increases our resilience to pain. Would you like to laugh more and make others laugh too? Then become a Laughter Yoga Leader! Book a place at the upcoming 2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Emma Hiwaizi for just £140 (usually £175). The course takes place in Brighton on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November, and is recognised by Dr Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga.
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Phobia Buster Programme
A unique opportunity to resolve your phobia without any restraints. You will work in a safe environment to uncover the causes and triggers of your phobia, then use integrative approaches from NLP and REMit to free you, and to create supportive behaviours and strategies for moving forward – minus your phobia! Unlike other forms of therapy that can make you re-experience the feelings or trauma of that phobia, this programme uses advanced techniques that allow you to process your phobia and its causes without you having to experience any unpleasant feelings. Phobia Buster Programme with the NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer Nikola Goranovic is usually available at £700 and this special offer for StressBusters community is £450. There are no limits on the number of sessions - you will work together until your phobia is resolved. Find out more about you can overcome your fears and regain control of your life - book a free 30 minute consultation.
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A sister art to Acupuncture, Qigong is a key branch of Chinese Medicine and practised by millions throughout the world. Gentle yet deeply activating your life force energy (Qi or Chi), this soft-impact exercise is suitable for all ages, body types and levels of fitness. Develop postural comfort and ease, boost immunity and lift your spirits. The discounted introductory course with Em Burnett includes one individually tailored one-to-one session (60mins) and four follow-up group sessions (60mins each)​​ for one term for just £50 (standard price £64). Ideal for beginners or those with experience. Movements adjusted to any health conditions or injury, we can focus on areas in your body you would like to strengthen and nourish.
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Sedona Method
A powerful self-development tool that will uncover your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling, thought or belief. Maya Zack, one of the few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK, is offering a 90 minute long one-to-one session for just £60 (usually £75) or a 5-session programme for £275 (usually £325). 
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Tai Chi
Known as a moving meditation, Tai Chi assists the free flow of our 'life energy' (Qi) which aids relaxation and helps keep the mind calm and focused. The introductory course with Em Burnett includes one individually tailored one-to-one session (60 minutes) and six follow-up group sessions (75 minutes each) for one term for just £70 (regular price £88). Ideal for beginners or those with experience, complements acupuncture well, this soft-impact exercise is suitable for all ages, body types and levels of fitness. Movements adjusted to any health conditions or injury, we can focus on areas in your body you would like to strengthen and nourish...
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Theta Healing
Theta Healing is a lovely technique to help you to access and release limiting beliefs, behaviours, fears and patterns that are causing you stress and symptoms (both physical and emotional). It is a powerful technique that can help you make positive changes in your life with ease. Book a course of four 60 minute sessions with Nicki Edgell for just £225 (regular price £70 per session).
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A simple non-invasive system of relaxing the jaw muscles enabling the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) to reset. When you balance the jaw, you balance the body as a whole, including the body's skeletal, muscular, nervous, meridian systems and hydration. Book a course of two 45 minute sessions with Nicki Edgell for £100 or four sessions for £190 (usual price £60 per session). 
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TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises)
TRE® is series of 7 simple exercises that allow us to engage with a reflex we have as mammals to release tension & trauma from the body spontaneously. Due to human brain development and conditioning we have learnt to supress our natural ability to release tension like other mammals – by shaking. A natural, organic and gentle way to release stress and trauma from through the body and which once learnt can be practised at home. Deborah Brown, the only certified TRE facilitator in Brighton & Hove, is thrilled to introduce you to this unique process. £40 for your first 90 minutes one-to-one session (regular price £50), or book a block of 4 sessions for £170 .
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Vital Development Movement
 Dance with a difference! Guided, yet no steps. Explore and express your emotions through mindful movement. Join Helen Thatcher's Friday evening group (8pm-9.30pm) at the Float Spa in Hove for FREE (usually £12).
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