Happy birthday to us!!!!

** SPECIAL birthday OFFERS **

Special discounts on a variety of one-to-one sessions, workshops and courses offered by our wonderful group members. The offers are transferrable and can be used with more than one practitioner. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offers valid for bookings completed by 31st October 2018.


Brainspotting is a trauma therapy based on the concept that where we look affects how we feel. It uses body sensation, eye position, often sound and the attunement in the therapeutic relationship, and there is no need for 'story'. Book a 60 minute session with Deborah Brown for just £40 (regular price £50 per session).
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Clinical PsychoNeuroImmunology
cPNI is an integrative practice suitable for people searching for the answers and solutions to complex or long-term chronic health issues to help identify underlying causes for current issues. A range of restorative tailor-made interventions including a nutritional plan, exercise, lifestyle and psycho-social interventions may be recommended. Book a course of 3 sessions with Nicki Edgell for £200, saving £105 (regular price £90 per 60 minute session, first session £125 for 90 minutes).
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Craniosacral Therapy
Suitable for all conditions, craniosacral therapy is a subtle yet effective way of allowing the body and mind to realign towards their inherent health. It is particularly beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety by working with the nervous system. Book your first 60 minute session with Deborah Brown for just £35 (regular price £45)
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EFT / Matrix Reimprinting / Colour Mirrors
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a holistic therapy that is often called 'acupuncture without needles’. It involves tapping on the meridian points of the face and hands to that help clear negative emotions. EFT is very simple to learn and the benefits are that you can use it yourself at home. Shirley Archibald empowers people who are held back by stress to move forwards towards clarity and freedom. She enjoys enabling people to clear these blocks and regain control of their lives. Shirley is a Colour Mirrors, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and advanced EFT Practitioner. Book an introductory 75 min long EFT/Matrix Reimprinting session with Shirley  for £70 (usually £85). Alternatively, you can book a block of 3 sessions for £170 (usually £200) or 6 sessions for just £360 (usually £395); Available one-to-one and via Zoom call.  
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Empowerment Coaching
Coaching is a powerful tool for addressing challenging situations and motivating, inspiring and encouraging people to transform their lives for the better. Empowerment coaching is for those who feel that they could be doing better in life/relationships/work etc. than they actually are. It is for people who have most of the skills and knowledge in place and yet success escapes them because of fear, mental blocks or limiting beliefs. So whether it’s fear of public speaking, a repetitive pattern of dysfunctional relationships, lack of a satisfying career or anything else that you might like the change, then a course of sessions with Nikola Goranovic will set you free on the road to success. The sessions are designed to build your confidence, stop overwhelm and stress, and help find direction and boost your performance. Book a course of three one-to-one sessions for just £300 (usually £440). The first session lasts 90-120 minutes, subsequent sessions 60 minutes each. The first 30-minute introductory consultation is free.
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Family Constellations
Family Constellations workshops are a deep and powerful way of creating change in our lives. If we are facing a problem where we are deeply stuck, a constellation gives a new image of how to look at the issue. The new image enables us to see things differently, let go of limiting beliefs and move forward in a more resourced and resilient way. Liz Sleeper is offering 10% discount on all her one day Family Constellations workshop places (standard ticket price is £65). Offer applies to all one-day workshops taking place in October in November that can be found on Liz's website, as well as the one-day workshop run as part of the Hove StressBusters programme on Saturday 20th October.
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Identity Constellations
New to Brighton & Hove, Identity Constellation offer you the opportunity to explore emotional difficulties in your life that block clear choices, healthy relationships and a sense of well-being. Stress, anxiety, fear as well as relationship and health problems always have an underlying cause which can often be unresolved pre-birth or infant trauma, sometimes trans-generational. Using the unique, ground-breaking and integrative IoPT method of resolving this in a somatic way, we meet the parts of ourselves that need healing, and experience a shift in the way we see ourselves. For the StressBusters' Birthday Celebration Kate Collier is offering £10 off all 1:1 x 90 minute sessions (standard price £70) up to 31st December, as well as 10% discount or 'bring a friend half-price' offer for one of the following all day constellations workshops: 'Who am I in how I relate to love, family, health, sexuality, food, work, money and life choice ?'  (workshop dates: 27th October or 24th November @ Cornerstone Centre) - standard ticket price £65.
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Improvised Comedy
Contrary to expectations, many people who practise improv aren't wannabe comedians. In fact, improv is growing in popularity as a great stress buster. We are often called upon to improvise in real life – therefore the skills developed in improv are transferable and can enhance our creativity and problem solving skills in the face of unexpected or challenging situations in our daily lives. More research is now coming up showing that this is a particularly good wellbeing approach for people who suffer from anxiety and lack of self-confidence. So, if you'd like to become more creative, enhance your communication skills, step out of your comfort zone & simply have fun, then book a place at the upcoming 6 week Improv Comedy course with Emma Hiwaizi for just £80 (usually £95). The course is run as part of the Hove StressBusters programme and starts on Tuesday, 6th November.
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Laughter Yoga
Laughter energises, relaxes, calms and connects. Regular laughter can help us to become more playful and creative in our daily lives and significantly reduces stress. Laughter increases oxygenation in the body, boosts endorphin levels, boosts the immune system and increases our resilience to pain. Would you like to laugh more and make others laugh too? Book a place at one of the Brighton Laughter Club weekly sessions taking place on Thursdays   9.30am-10.30am at Little Dippers (Upper Gardner Street, Brighton) and bring a friend for free (standard ticket price is £5).
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Life Coaching for women
Working with Sarah Taylor you will get crystal clear on what success and happiness looks like for you. You will work through any blocks, limiting beliefs or fears that might be holding you back and you’ll understand how to be more confident, inspired and fulfilled in your life. You'll experience a combination of deep listening, powerful questioning, reflection, intuitive insight and of course Sarah holding you accountable for doing what you say you will do! Book a programme of three 1-2-1 sessions for just £190 (usually £240). Sessions are 60 minutes each – before beginning work with her clients Sarah provides a free 40-minute introductory consultation. (offer limited to 3 new clients)
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Mindful Eating
Mindful eating is about gaining awareness of your eating behaviour (how, where, when, what and how much you eat), recognising the ‘triggers’ of disturbed eating such as comfort eating, binge eating or not eating at all, and step by step becoming more attentive to your body's needs such as hunger and fullness and respecting them.  By providing many new insights and practical tools, the 6 week Mindful Eating course with Dr Fenia Giannopoulou will help transform not just your relationship with food but also the relationship with that most important person in your life - yourself! Book a place at the next course starting 12th October for just £110 (standard price £125) and start the journey of self-love and exploration. You can also share that journey with a friend or a significant other - Fenia is offering one pair of tickets for just £200.
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Phobia Buster Programme
A unique opportunity to resolve your phobia without any restraints. You will work in a safe environment to uncover the causes and triggers of your phobia, then use integrative approaches from NLP and REMit to free you, and to create supportive behaviours and strategies for moving forward – minus your phobia! Unlike other forms of therapy that can make you re-experience the feelings or trauma of that phobia, this programme uses advanced techniques that allow you to process your phobia and its causes without you having to experience any unpleasant feelings. Phobia Buster Programme with the NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer Nikola Goranovic is usually available at £700 and this special offer for StressBusters community is £450. There are no limits on the number of sessions - you will work together until your phobia is resolved. Find out more about you can overcome your fears and regain control of your life - book a free 30 minute consultation.
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Theta Healing
Theta Healing is a lovely technique to help you to access and release limiting beliefs, behaviours, fears and patterns that are causing you stress and symptoms (both physical and emotional). It is a powerful technique that can help you make positive changes in your life with ease. Book a course of four 60 minute sessions with Nicki Edgell for just £225 (regular price £70 per session).
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A simple non-invasive system of relaxing the jaw muscles enabling the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) to reset. When you balance the jaw, you balance the body as a whole, including the body's skeletal, muscular, nervous, meridian systems and hydration. Book a course of two 45 minute sessions with Nicki Edgell for £100 or four sessions for £190 (usual price £60 per session). 
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TRE® (Tension Releasing Exercises)
TRE® is series of 7 simple exercises that allow us to engage with a reflex we have as mammals to release tension & trauma from the body spontaneously. Due to human brain development and conditioning we have learnt to supress our natural ability to release tension like other mammals – by shaking. A natural, organic and gentle way to release stress and trauma from through the body and which once learnt can be practised at home. Deborah Brown, the only certified TRE facilitator in Brighton & Hove, is thrilled to introduce you to this unique process. She's offering one FREE place at her upcoming TRE workshop on Sunday 7th October (3.30pm-5.30pm) at The Float Spa in Hove - standard ticket price £20.
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