Christmas treats from Brighton & Hove StressBusters...

Discounts on a variety of therapies, classes and coaching programmes

30% off the full price when booking and paying in advance for a session and/or course of sessions with the participating Brighton & Hove StressBusters practitioners. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offers valid until 31st December 2018 - once paid for, the sessions can be used up even after this date.


Brainspotting is a trauma therapy based on the concept of where we look affects how we feel. It uses body sensation, eye position, often sound and the attunement in the therapeutic relationship, and there is no need for 'story'. Book a 60 minute session with Deborah Brown for just £35 (regular price £50 per session).
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Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a body based therapy using light touch to sense and work with stress patterns held in the body's tissues which helps to rebalance the nervous system. It is relaxing, gentle and suitable for all including babies and children. Book a 60 minute session with Deborah Brown for just £31.50 (regular price £45 per session).
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EFT/Matrix Reimprinting & Colour Mirrors Therapy
Shirley Archibald empowers people who are held back by stress, anxiety, procrastination, depression or grief to move forward towards clarity and freedom. She is a Colour Mirrors, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and advanced EFT Practitioner and, using these tools, enables clients to clear advancement blocks, regain control of their lives and move closer to their goals and dreams. Book an introductory 90 min long EFT/Matrix Reimprinting session for £66.50 (usually £95) or a 60 minute Colour Mirrors session for £49 (usually £70). Alternatively, you can book a block of 3 sessions for £140 (usually £200). Sessions available one-to-one and via Zoom call.
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Empowerment Coaching
Coaching is a powerful tool for addressing challenging situations and motivating, inspiring and encouraging people to transform their lives for the better. Empowerment coaching is for those who feel that they could be doing better in life/relationships/work etc. than they actually are. It is for people who have most of the skills and knowledge in place and yet success escapes them because of fear, mental blocks or limiting beliefs. So whether it’s fear of public speaking, a repetitive pattern of dysfunctional relationships, lack of a satisfying career or anything else that you might like the change, then a course of sessions with Nikola Goranovic will set you free on the road to success. The sessions are designed to build your confidence, stop overwhelm and stress, and help find direction and boost your performance. Book a course of three one-to-one sessions for just £300 (usually £440). The first session lasts 90-120 minutes, subsequent sessions 60 minutes each. The first 30-minute introductory consultation is free.
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Family Constellations
Family Constellations workshops are a deep and powerful way of creating change in our lives. If we are facing a problem where we are deeply stuck, a constellation gives a new image of how to look at the issue. The new image enables us to see things differently, let go of limiting beliefs and move forward in a more resourced and resilient way. Take advantage of Liz Sleeper's exclusive Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer on all her one day Family Constellations workshop places (standard ticket price is £65 for day-long sessions and £29 for evening sessions, only available when quoting the Hove StressBusters' Christmas discount campaign. Offer applies to all one-day workshops taking place in December and January that can be found on Liz's website, as well as the evening workshop run as part of the Hove StressBusters programme on Monday 21st January.
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Feeding Your Demons
Feeding Your Demons is a transformative technique where you turn towards the thing you wish would go away and instead open a dialogue with it. A 'demon' is anything which is an obstacle in your life and which is draining your energy. It could be a physical issue (e.g backache / chronic health problem) or an emotional issue (anger, anxiety etc.) It can also be used to work with addictions and relationship issues. Feeding the ‘demon’ transforms the negative energy and the process leaves you with a feeling of inner peace as the ‘demon’ has been accepted and reintegrated back into your psyche. Book a 60 minute session with Julie Ulbricht for just £42 (regular price £60 per 75 min initial session) or a block of 3 sessions (1 x 75 mins, 2 x 60 mins) for £112.
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Phobia Buster Programme
A unique opportunity to resolve your phobia without any restraints. You will work in a safe environment to uncover the causes and triggers of your phobia, then use integrative approaches from NLP and REMit to free you, and to create supportive behaviours and strategies for moving forward – minus your phobia. Unlike other forms of therapy that can make you re-experience the feelings or trauma of that phobia, this programme uses advanced techniques that allow you to process your phobia and its causes without you having to experience any unpleasant feelings. Phobia Buster Programme with the NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer Nikola Goranovic is usually available at £700 and this special offer for StressBusters community is £450. There are no limits on the number of sessions - you will work together until your phobia is resolved. Find out more about how you can overcome your fears and regain control of your life - book the initial 30 minute consultation for free.
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Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE®)
TRE is a set of 7 exercises designed to induce a natural organic tremor reflex to release tension, stress and trauma from the body and reset the nervous system. Once learnt the practice can be done at home. Deborah Brown, the only certified TRE facilitator in Brighton & Hove, is thrilled to introduce you to this unique process which empowers the body to shift towards health by releasing tension and restoring balance naturally. Book a 90 minute long one-on-one TRE session for just £35 (standard price £50 per session).
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Women's Empowerment Workshop
Live a Life You Love 2019 is a one day workshop for women which is designed to help you expand and deepen the sense of who you are, get crystal clear on what you really want from your life and create a powerful personal vision for an incredible 2019 and beyond! You'll be supported by some amazing experts and therapists on the day bringing you some fantastic self-development approaches including Colour Mirrors, Drum Journeying, Vision Boarding, Visualisation and Journalling exercises. All delivered in a safe, confidential space with like-minded women and group coaching to maximise your success and ensure you take action to make your brilliant ideas and goals happen! You can book this session organised by Sarah Taylor for just £56 (standard price £80; only two discounted places are available) - just remember to quote Hove StressBusters' Christmas discount campaign when booking. More information on the workshop can be found on Sarah's website.
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