Why do we need to RETURN TO OUR SENSES?

By Tali Rose


“Lose your mind and come to your senses.” ― Frederick Salomon Perls

Today, our lives are jam packed with technology which means for those periods of time in front of a screen, it is essential to create equal time to feel relaxed and regenerated so that you feel your most effective and most wonderful selves. Ensuring we create this time for ourselves is becoming more important as the side effects of spending too much time on the computer can lead to feeling stressed more than we dare sometimes admit!

As you tap into the laptop, computer or phone, your lives become filtered through a flat screen. It takes you away from the wider possibilities available. If you can give yourselves the chance to re-open your sensing centres, you can remember just how rich this life is.

Opening the body, through the senses workshops I offer, brings to your closer attention the textures already featuring in the environment, to the scale of objects from tiny to enormous, to the lines and curves, shadows and light, the vividness of colours and the beauty of sounds.

You can then find ways to integrate this into your daily life…How often do you hear the birds at the same time as texting? Or feel the texture of the chair as you write your next e-mail? Doing so BRINGS YOU BACK TO THE PRESENT MOMENT…rather than jumping out of yourselves and into a dis-embodied experience. In this way you can really INHABIT your body, your temple, returning to the whole point of why we are here.


As you open your senses it makes you feel more AWAKE to life, energised and clear

Encourages you to discover new ways of moving and listening as you follow your line of movement

You feel happier and more relaxed as you enjoy the experience of lessening the mind and experience the world through movement and resting

Dance movement Psychotherapist and Movement Matters facilitator, Tali Rose, invites you to think about re-connecting back to your senses through movement workshops, designed to re-align you to your FULLER sense of self.

Movement Matters classes are every Friday evening at About Balance Yoga Studio in Brighton. Just drop in, choose a sense you wish to explore this May and give yourself some special time. Quote”returning to my senses” via email to receive your first movement class for half price £6!


Published by Hove StressBusters
May 2016