Business Development Support
for Wellbeing Practitioners

Whether you are a yoga teacher, psychotherapist, pilates instructor or massage therapist, leaving a 9-5 job and devoting yourself to doing what you love - teaching or working with clients -  is something that most practitioners aspire to do. But, although setting up and running your own professional practice can be an extremely fulfilling experience, it is often such a complicated and daunting prospect, involving lots of uncertainty and stress, that most of us simply don't know when or how to make that crucial first step.

Our business development support services are designed for all those who are planning to or are already in the process of setting up and running their own business or professional practice.

Developing a successful practice in an area as saturated with a variety of alternative and not-so-alternative practitioners and therapists as Brighton & Hove indisputably is, can be a very difficult task. A competitive market is a good thing as it pushes everyone towards expecting and delivering  high quality service, but even if you yourself know that the service you offer is of a very high standard (and those people who had the opportunity to experience it were more than pleased), it is hard to know how to develop and maintain a successful professional practice that will satisfy your professional, personal and financial needs. In other words, you have to find ways to attract new clients and build a large and stable client base.

With over 6 years of running the Hove StressBusters programme and working with a variety of local wellbeing practitioners during this time, we have developed a package of services that will enable you to stand out from the crowd and build a profitable holistic business.

Our business development programme includes:

1 - C M C (Consulting-Mentoring-Coaching) package - more info
2 - Web & SEO Assessment package - more info

3 - Holistic Networking Hub - more info



C M C (Consulting - Mentoring - Coaching) programme

          with Niko Goranovic

The key aspect of the programme is helping you gain clarity regarding the steps you need to take to develop your business, creating with you a clear and effective business strategy, and supporting you step-by-step along your exciting business development journey.

Who is Niko Goranovic?

"I like to see myself as the person who is helping entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business in a 'lazy efficiency' way by working smart but not hard!

For years now I've been working as a business consultant / developer, mentor and a business coach in different industries, and the boundaries between these three aspects of my work were fairly clear to begin with. However, over the years they have become so blurred to the point that I don't even want to distinghuish them at all, because I found that only by bringing all three together can I give my clients the support and knowledge they truly need .

In recent years, as one of the co-founders of Hove StressBusters, I have been fortunate to work with a variety of wellbeing practitioners, helping them navigate their way through all the challenges specific to the wellbeing industry.

This CMC programme is the result of my professional journey and all the experience and insights I've gained on the way."

Read more about Niko

The C M C programme is there to:

Help you create a business plan to achieve your vision of success and your long term financial ambitions.

- Support and challenge you through mentoring strategy sessions.

- Help create and test optimal marketing & sales structures and plans.

- Help create an overall finance strategy.

- Help you implement and execute the strategies, structures and plans.

How you'll work together with Niko:

We'll meet at least once a month, and keep in touch by email and phone in between time. We'll agree a list of action points in each meeting, and I encourage people to keep in touch and let me know how they're getting on and if they need any help/feedback with what they're putting into action in between meetings.


We will definitely set some time frames, measurable activities and targets so we can track progress and measure financial success along the way.

The C M C Programme starts from £130 a month... Not bad for 3 in 1 (Consulting, Mentoring and Coaching)!

Should you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss your business challenges and find out more about CMC, please feel free to contact Niko.

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Web & SEO Assesment package

COST: £45
(Hove StressBusters practitioner members only)

This web page and SEO assessment package breaks down the structure and content of your website, and assesses the build quality and content quality from an accessibility, usability and search engine point of view. Where appropriate, a pass icon or fail icon will be displayed for each section of the report.

Advantages of Web and SEO audit:

- Improve on page SEO
- Test any subpage
- Easy to follow report of your website calling out what’s good and bad
- SEO tips for your website and social media

 Contact us for more details


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Holistic Networking Hub

Holistic Networking Hub is a welcoming and friendly peer support for all holistic, complementary, health and wellbeing practitioners / therapists.

Running a business often means working in isolation, and having someone there to pick their brains, bounce ideas off each other or just to have a cup of coffee and a rant about the different challenges we all face once in a while is so important. This is exactly what Holistic Networking Hub is there for - both online and offline!

Entailing a Facebook discussion forum and monthly coffee mornings in central Brighton, this is the platform where Sussex-based wellbeing practitioners can share experiences, tips, questions and advice to support each other in growing our holistic businesses.

Holistic Hub is a place for brain-storming (on- and off-line), and just for knowing that you're not alone. A place to get in touch with other like-minded business owners, find collaborators, do treatment swaps etc. Or simply a place to advertise/look for used equipment, books, or anything else that might be helpful to people running a holistic business.

Free coffee morning currently take place on the third Thursday of every month at Kooks in the North Laine.  

To join the Facebook group forum and find out about the upcoming meetings, click here.


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