Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, 7.00-9.30pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

 De-stressing with
Stress Release Exercise (TRE®) & Therapeutic Tango
Shaking Off the Stress
with Deborah Brown
Therapeutic Tango
with Genevieve Picquart

TRE® is a series of seven exercises that allow us to release stress and tension naturally. As mammals, our physiology is designed to experience, survive and release tension and trauma from the body. However due to human brain development and conditioning we have learnt to suppress our natural ability to release tension like other mammals do - by shaking. Deborah Brown is one of just 20 certified providers of TRE® in England with over nine years of experience working with adults, babies and children as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner in the Brighton and Hove area. Her passion for TRE®, as with Craniosacral Therapy, is that the process empowers the body to shift towards health by releasing tension and restoring balance naturally. She is thrilled to be working with others on their journeys using TRE® as they explore how it is to trust in the wisdom of the body. This talk will demonstrate what to expect during a TRE® session and offer simple take-home tips and tools for managing your stress by starting to self- regulate your nervous system. TRE® is something to be experienced! 

Tango has many benefits - physical, mental and spiritual. There are many articles written about this. The tango music itself is well known for lifting the mood. Genevieve Picquart has been a Psychotherapist/Counsellor for over 30 years when she discovered the power of tango. Her therapeutic approach to tango is based on many years of studies on the association between psyche and soma. The best thing about Therapeutic Tango is that you don’t have to be a dancer at all to reap its many benefits! Would you like to experience what this “meditative yoga of dance” can offer you? During this demo, Genevieve will invite us to play very easy and enjoyable games and exercises that will give us very useful insights about ourselves and the ways we relate to other people. No steps will be taught, therefore, if you think you have two left feet, please be open to surprises! Just bring yourself and we'll all dance in socks. No partner needed. No high heels. Nothing to do with “Strictly come dancing”. Participation is of course voluntary, but we hope many of you will join in.

The Hove StressBusters Team is looking forward to welcoming you all to this exciting event!

         Admission: £7
           includes coffee/tea, biscuits and (as always!) lots of positive energy

You can still pay on the door, but we have now introduced the online booking option too, to help speed up the registration, giving us all more time for stress busting!

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