Wednesday, 3rd May 2017, 7.00-9.30pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

 De-stressing with
Sedona Method & Body Stress Release (BSR)

Sedona Method
with Maya Zack
Body Stress Release (BSR)
with Rob Petherick

The Sedona Method is a powerful and profound yet ridiculously simple technique for letting go of any painful or unwanted feelings, thoughts or limiting beliefs. It gives you not just the understanding of the 'letting go' concept, but a practical and effortless way of doing this in your everyday life. It's based on ideas of non-duality and dissolving of resistance and is also a practical and effective tool for experiencing being more present, referring to both past and future as imaginary 'stories' we identify with. Beliefs we hold can be either empowering or a hugely limiting as they determine what we think is or isn't possible for us to experience. Maya Zack, a certified hypnotherapist and one of the few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK, will introduce this powerful method and more specifically how we can use it to dissolve limiting beliefs such as “I can’t…” or “It’s not going to happen…” or “It’s too late” or anything else that might be blocking you from experiencing more possibilities and the confidence to create the life you want. Maya is one of the regular Hove StressBusters presenters and is passionate about sharing this method so if you haven't already had a chance to attend one of Maya's talks or you have, but wish to discover some new tricks, then come along and bring a few issues you'd like to get rid of!

The word 'stress' is normally associated with its effects on the mind. However, it is becoming more widely accepted that stress effects the body too. Our bodies are designed to deal with stress in a positive way, but too much stress on the muscles can lead to pain, stiffness, postural distortion, numbness and cramp, and times of emotional stress can trigger or make existing back pain worse. ‘I’m getting older, what should I expect?’ ‘A decent sleep should sort me out.’ 'I'm not in that much pain.' ‘It’s not life-threatening.’ ‘I don’t have time to worry about this.’ Sound familiar? Rob Petherick will explain and demonstrate how by releasing the tension or 'body stress' that is stored in the muscles that sit over the important spinal nerves, Body Stress Release (BSR) restores the body's natural self-healing ability and provides relief from pain.

The Hove StressBusters Team is looking forward to welcoming you all to this exciting event!

    Admission::£5 - includes coffee/tea, biscuits and (as always!) lots of positive energy


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