New Year Intention for Myself:
Identity Constellations Workshop

Saturday 6th January 2018
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Church Road, Hove BN3 2FL

Facilitated by Kate Collier       

 How do you want 2018 to be?

What are your wishes, desires, ambitions for yourself and others?

What do you hold that can resource you and what can inhibit you from fulfilling what you want?


Why come?

This workshop offers an opportunity to explore the parts of yourself that can initiate, create, bring clarity and courage to what you want and the parts that hold negative self- belief, fear and a feeling of being stuck. You will either get the opportunity to work with a personal Intention for 2018 in a constellation of your own, or to be a resource for another and experience understanding for ourselves as well. By getting to know our inner world we can begin to integrate these parts to bring in a positive and healthy New Year.

What are Identity Constellations?

Working with the Intention method of Professor Franz Ruppert (Munich) - an integrative process which heals the intrapsychic splits within us bringing shifts in how we see ourselves and clarity in what we want for ourselves, and in our relationships.

Identity Constellations workshops, new to Brighton & Hove, offer you the opportunity to explore emotional difficulties in your life that block clear choices, healthy relationships and a sense of well-being. Stress, anxiety, fear and relationship and health problems always have an underlying cause which can often be unresolved pre-birth or infant trauma, sometimes trans-generational. Using the unique, ground-breaking and integrative IoPT method of resolving this, in a somatic way we meet the parts of ourselves that need healing bringing a shift in the way we see ourselves.

All workshops include an Introduction to the Theory and Intention process to hold the work in a clear, safe and confidential space. In these workshops you will either have the opportunity to do some personal work or to be a resource (representative) for another. As a representative we find we experience a level of insight and healing for ourselves too.

"Constellation of the Intention work is the most gentle and safe way of working, particularly when working with a trauma. The people I chose to represent my intention embodied aspects of me I found hard to see or acknowledge but working with intention helped me engage with these parts of myself at a much deeper level." - GG, Birmingham

"PROFOUND - showing deep knowledge and insight. Constellation work is profoundly moving and healing."
- DDV, Brighton

Kate Collier is an experienced Constellations practitioner. Working as a therapeutic counsellor and family / systemic constellations facilitator, she became interested in exploring the impact of early trauma / survival on our identity through Prof Franz Ruppert's Intention method of constellations. She has studied and apprenticed in Vivian Broughton's Advanced London training, contributed to the Munich conference (2016) on the Trauma of Medical Intervention and contributed a chapter to Franz Ruppert's latest book on the subject. Over the last ten years Kate has facilitated Family, Systemic and Identity Constellations in Stroud, Cheltenham, Birmingham and London, and leading workshops looking at family, health, money, birth and identity attachment issues.

"Kate is a thoughtful, empathic facilitator who creates a safe and generous space for deep work. The constellation process is firmly with the autonomy of the client, yet facilitating this process requires fine navigation. Kate's experience of facilitating and doing her own personal work gives her the skills for this subtle navigation and support. I look forward to working with her in the future." -
JF, Hove

"an outstanding facilitator, highly skilled in the delicate art of constellations"  -
DOH Organisational Constellations Facilitator, Nottingham

We do hope you will join us for a truly unique and transformative experience!

TICKETS:   £65* / £50 concessions
(*£50 with the
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*** EARLY BIRD BOOKING: £55 (ends 30th October) ***

Saturday 6th January 2018, 10.00am - 5.00pm         

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