Sound & Voice Playshop

Last session: 19th November 2015
Thursdays 8.30pm - 10.00pm
@ Studio iO, 3 Queens Place, Brighton BN1 4JY

Facilitated by Philip Milburn       


Express, release & relax with creative vocal improvisation, harmony singing and sounding!

This playful, friendly group explores the voice as a tool for creative self-expression, connection & deep relaxation. Consciously playing with sound & voice enables the expression and release of feelings, stress and inner clutter, benefiting our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.

Starting full of whatever we bring in to the session, we travel together on a light-hearted journey into sound, song, rhythm & silence. This active vocal workout helps us to gradually empty ourselves … then fill ourselves up again with sound and music, eventually arriving at … stillness.

'This is hand on heart one of the very best workshop experiences I have ever had. The whole evening was loose and relaxed so that you found your own voice - instead of trying to approximate whatever kind of noise you 'thought' you should be producing. But we still made beautiful music together. A sheer pleasure from beginning to end.” - Maria, December 2011

Build your confidence, feel inspired, practise breathing, learn some voice technique, harmonies and songs from around the world. The process is fun, energising, empowering, relaxing and healing, and you’re likely to float out of the door with your energy transformed. The muddle of life is expressed and we come back to our centre – back to ourselves.

'What an amazing evening! I felt connected. I felt joy. The singing was tremendous fun. I found the session enjoyably challenging and afterwards I felt invigorated yet deeply relaxed. I would recommend this to others curious to try it.' - Tony, June 2012

'I really love coming here. It is the highlight of my week… the opportunity to use voice and sing is so moving and exciting for me, because my musical, and particularly, vocal confidence was destroyed when I was forced to study music in a traditional, daunting and humiliating way at school. After a few sessions of coming to these workshops, I have already sung solo, and my confidence in singing with others – and my belief that I can do so – is growing week by week. I so look forward to coming here. The people who come are remarkable, and gel in an atmosphere of sensitivity, friendliness and respect… Your leading of the group is remarkable, showing both technical talent, a range of innovative ideas, a clear and radical vision and the ability to put it into practise, and a wonderful, subtle way of guiding the group.'
- workshop participant, May 2004

Philip Milburn is a multi-instrumental musician, music tutor and facilitator who has been teaching singing, guitar, piano, songwriting and percussion to adults and children for over 20 years. Since 1998 he has also been leading music workshops and community choirs for a wide range of client groups, characterized by a uniquely relaxed, informal and fun style. Philip's work emphasises inclusivity and participation, creativity and self-expression, communication, social interaction and fun, and he is skilled in creating a safe space in which to explore your voice and music in a light-hearted yet profound way.

'You’re an excellent teacher; inspiring, alive, intuitive and well skilled. You give an open space in which people can fully express themselves.' - workshop participant, September 2003

'Great session, if you want to just let go and feel free to use your voice in anyway u want, be silly, have a laugh and get into an almost meditating state with sound, this is the workshop for you. Really easy going atmosphere and leadership style. Cheers. Philip took the weight off my week!'
- Laila, April 2013

This is not a choir – it’s a playshop – come and play!

Venue: Studio iO, 3 Queens Place, BN1 4JY  
Day: Thursdays 8.30pm – 10.00pm, from 17th September 2015
Time: doors open 8.20pm, starts 8.30pm prompt
Cost: *** First visit £5 ***
         Then: £10* (drop-in), or £35* for 4 sessions within 6 weeks (non-refundable)

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'I want to thank you for your inspiration, hard work, dedication and the FUN that we all have with you... work like this is not reverberates through our lives and changes us for good. Our daily life sings!' - Brigid, 2005

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