Self-Hypnotic Script

By Jayne Raven                                        

The following short exercise in creative imagination can be used as a boost in preparation for any change you need to make.

Choose a time when you can relax without interruption. Read through it slowly and invite yourself to become absorbed in the kinaesthetic/emotional responses you'll experience. Best of all, get a friend to read it to you or record yourself reading it. Repeat often - repetition strengthens synaptic connections and the more rich and intense the experience, the stronger the imprint for change. It is a hypnotic script so should not be used whilst driving.

Your conscious mind is a busy place. It can feel like a town centre in rush hour sometimes. But just under the surface, most of the business of living is handled by your unconscious mind.
You don't consciously grow your hair, for example, or digest your food. And although your busy everyday awareness can list the things you had for dinner last night, it's your unconscious that can re-evoke right now the smell of the food, and the look of it on the plate, and the taste of it. You can consciously choose when to get into bed, but working behind the scenes, it's your unconscious mind that assembles those creative dreams for you at night, without your ever having to direct it.
And your unconscious mind has a language of its own, and you know that language very well because it will answer you with sensations and images when you ask it a question.
You can ask it something right now. Ask it to give you a sense of the feeling you get when you set down a really heavy bag after carrying it a long, long way ... and take a moment to appreciate that.
It can remind you of this because it retains really clear records of feelings and sensations you've had, even when the detail of memory is lost. And interestingly, it can use this information to put you right into someone else's experience, effortlessly.
And some time ago, you'll remember when, last year or another year, your attention became absorbed by some young people, teenagers as they are at the age when they're feeling really ready to express their uniqueness.
And they don't know why they do it but they just have to look for ways to assert themselves, to challenge the rules.
Because we all need that, don't we, in order to grow into ourselves properly, and maybe you yourself have a memory of this, being sorted out right now and sent floating up from the deeper part of your mind,
remembering moving from dependence to independence;
just like a seedling puts down its roots first in the natural order of things and then it pushes up through the soil,
finding its way round the resistance of stones as it
travels inevitably towards the light.
And right now, your unconscious can use the language it best understands and provide a positive image or sensation, maybe from your own past, maybe from something you watched or something you read once, where there's a young person just so full of vitality and fun,
ready to stand up to authority, to demand a change.
And there's something so arresting in that image you just want to take a moment to absorb it, noticing their stance and posture, the brightness in the eyes, the something that tells you
this person isn't afraid to take a risk.
And appreciating the energy of that, the sparkle, the freedom,
you might be curious about where that energy comes from? Is it from
being just who they are, right there and then, and
not apologising to anyone for being who they are,
because natural development is behind them, as solid as a rock. Like the conclusion of a chapter, or a chord that resolves a phrase of music, this is the
culmination of an orderly stage into selfhood.
And after you take a few moments to notice how the energy comes off them, like heat from a fire, you might start to become curious to
experience that for yourself again.
So in just a moment, or maybe right now, you slide effortlessly out of your viewpoint and across to that young person and imagine drifting right into their body and you find you can see out of their eyes.
Just notice the way you can imagine their energy interacting with all of your body as it is now. It alters your posture, your muscle tone, your expression. You might even notice a slight smile lifting the corners of your mouth. Because, you know young people can feel invincible, like they could wrestle a lion, like they could run up mountains.
And right now, honestly and fully, your creative unconscious can offer the memory of that feeling for you, a bit like a spice of rebellion.
Because it sometimes happens that when we're mixing up a favourite dish, and we're adding the ingredients one by one, if there's something important missing, the whole taste is wrong. And doesn't it feel satisfying when you get hold of the right spice and put it exactly where it should be.
Because everything falls into place and starts to taste just right.
And you can imagine what it feels like to add the right thing to the mix and absorb it and let it glow somewhere inside.
And now that feeling just wants to double itself. And on the count of three,
it wants to fill up all the spaces it needs to fill up, and
no sooner than you're ready to absorb that missing spice, you can make that count, one, two, three...
And as it fills you up, you can choose a word to link that feeling to, a word you like,
maybe a word like Energy, so that when you whisper that word,
an awareness of the right thing right there for you
will remind you of your right to assert yourself and your right to be you.
Take a few moments now to rest with your eyes closed while your unconscious mind makes all the connections it needs in order to gain the greatest possible benefit from these revitalising feelings.
And when that inner work is done, you can come back to the room feeling relaxed and refreshed.  

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