Abhiyana Michelle Singer                                                                                     
   Zen Life Coach @ Abhiyana


Are you longing to live with more clarity, purpose and ease?

 Abhiyana’s heart-felt purpose is to support people in finding more presence, balance and integration in their lives. This approach to coaching has been shaped by broad life experience, professional training and her own path towards integration:

Over 20 years in global business consultancy (insight and strategy), including senior management roles in London and New York City.
Over 20 years on a path of healing, mindfulness and self-realisation, including time spent living in conscious communities in India and Thailand.
Certified in Life & Executive Coaching (2006-08) and within the Zen Coaching network (2016-18); accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M).
Master’s degree in Communications/Social Psychology; currently training in the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy.

Zen Coaching: effortless transformation

In many ways, our daily lives are more complex and challenging than ever before. Not surprisingly, many of us end up feeling stressed or stuck – worrying that our life is somehow ‘too much’ and yet also ‘not enough’. We yearn for success and security, but burden ourselves with ideals of perfection, beliefs about our inadequacy, and socially-conditioned rules about what we should or shouldn’t do.

Zen Coaching helps us to reconnect with ourselves and others in a deeper, more authentic way. It melts away layers of self-imposed pressure, inhibition and internal judgment, bringing us back to a place in ourselves that is innately calm, compassionate and wise.

Once we have accessed our essential nature and its rich resources, we can bring new insight and clarity to the challenges we are facing. And we can move forward to address these challenges with far greater ease and lasting effectiveness. Often our perceived problems seem to just dissolve rather than needing to be actively solved!

An integrated approach

Abhiyana’s breadth of experience enables her to work flexibly around her clients’ different needs. She brings alternative perspectives and approaches that cast new light on challenging issues – but also ensures that the coaching relationship is grounded in practical considerations, goals and action plans. She works with a diverse client-base across a range of different life issues, but specialises in two particular areas:

1. Helping high-achieving professionals to create a more balanced, self-supportive life for themselves:
o Protect against chronic stress and burnout;
o Let go of excessive pressures imposed by ‘internal managers’ (e.g. Perfectionist, Pusher, Inner Critic);
o Find new passion and purpose in work and life.

2. Helping innovators in creative, therapeutic, spiritual or social enterprises to turn their ideas into real progress:
o Set specific goals and timelines that translate long-term vision into short-term action;
o Create manageable step-by-step processes that align with core values and unique strengths;
o Find greater confidence, focus and motivation to stay on track and enjoy it too.

Here are some testimonials from Abhiyana’s clients:

 “I first approached Abhi when I was having a difficult time and felt I needed to re-evaluate my purpose and goals. Her calm presence put me at ease straight away. Abhi has a wonderful way of giving you space to explore whilst listening attentively and providing the necessary guidance and reflective exercises. Her compassionate approach unlocked so many opportunities for me. Since my first few sessions with her, my life has truly flourished. I have found the perfect job, most loving relationship and made progress towards making my dream come true. Abhi and her unique coaching practice has acted as a catalyst in my life. I feel super-grateful to have found her.”
Alexia Anghelakou, Business Analyst

“From first meeting Abhiyana, I had a sense of peace and confidence in her. The sessions have been full of grace and ease, even when looking at painful parts of me. I feel so safe with her and I feel that she is very balanced in herself and that I am in wonderful hands. I really recommend her. While I’m going through so much change at the moment, this work is proving invaluable.”
Heather Hawthorn, Post-Partum Carer & Healer 

Coaching sessions are either held in-person (Brighton/Hove or London) or via Skype.

Abhi is currently offering coaching packages (5+ sessions) to StressBusters card-holders at a 15% discount, e.g. 5 sessions of 1 hour each for £255.


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