Perpetua Neo DClinPsy, MPhil, BA(Hons)                                                                
   HCPC-registered Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Coach @

Perpetua wants to live in a world where people sleep peacefully at night, are kind to each other, and know we’re worthy. In a world where we know we can deal with whatever life throws at us.

Perpetua has helped her clients create that world for themselves. Busy and ambitious people ready for a change in their lives, who struggle with how they’re feeling. They feel stuck and would love to overcome their struggles, soothe the tension in their bodies and create the lives they desire. Productive, successful and peaceful lives. On their own terms. Her clients have learned that their wellbeing is the foundation. Only then can everything else - business, art, career, relationships, prosperity, spirituality - blossom.

If self-help books and hacks aren’t working, it’s time to do something different. Someone once spoke of his frustration with gardening. The weeds kept growing back, because of their root system. Those roots = Your struggles. Until you dig deep to find and kill them, they’ll grow back. Here’s where Perpetua can help you know yourself and write your next chapter.

1. Psychotherapy
- If (1) the same patterns are playing on loop (e.g. feeling stuck and unfulfilled; (2) you have a mental health difficulty; or (3) something’s happened and you can’t cope. (See here for more).
2. Coaching - You want to take yourself or your work to the next level, but overwhelm, low confidence, and a lack of clarity are holding you back. Whether about confidence, stronger relationships or meeting your deepest professional goals, you can think of Perpetua as your accountability partner.

In her work, Perpetua blends psychology research, Eastern wisdom and expert coaching/performance knowledge to tailor to her clients. She draws extensively from cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, psychodynamic and compassion-focused therapies.

Perpetua holds a Masters of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University College London. She has worked in IAPT and community teams in central & greater London for the NHS. She also spent a year in the HIV/Sexual Health Psychology Service at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Today she runs a private psychotherapy and coaching service in Brighton & Hove, and online.

Working together is active and short-term, because you’ll discover your strength to write your next chapter. If you’re at a crossroad, gain perspective and take action. Because you are worthy.

If you’re ready to break free from what holds you back and create the life you truly desire, contact Perpetua to arrange a 20 minute consultation. Her gift to you.


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