BrainBuzzz: Neurological Development & Sensory Integration

By Anna Barrick


Brainbuzzz is a therapy for children or adults who experience learning difficulties, a sense of detachment or who struggle with other aspects of life.

Have you noticed any of the following:
• Prolonged day dreaming, poor concentration, short attention span?
• Fatigues easily, loses their place, reverses or transposes the order of things and/or omits small words whilst reading?
• Clumsiness, poor hand writing, balance problems?
• Speech difficulties, poor articulation, dexterity problems?
• Poor timing, coordination, spatial perception?
• Poor hand/eye coordination, messy eating?
• Dizziness, nausea, motion sickness?
• Bed wetting, difficulty sitting still?
• Allergies, anxiety, mood swings, low self esteem?

Brainbuzzz is a sensory exercise programme that tones up the sensory input systems of the body/brain in much the same way a fitness programme would strengthen your muscles.


Did you know you can treat your/your child’s Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Brainbuzzz takes the struggle out of learning difficulties by building a stronger more agile brain. It is an effective neuro-development programme that enables the brain to build many new connections. The symptoms of learning difficulties are caused by gaps in the matrix of neural development. The Brainbuzzz programme works to fill in these gaps by building the necessary connections. The programme follows the natural developmental stages a baby goes through from pre-birth to about 3 years old. We are giving the brain a second opportunity to develop fully. This process can be done at any age. Let me lead you and/or your child through this revolutionary programme.

The programme consists of exercises for you or your child to repeat at home every day. It is this daily repetition, which stimulates the growth of new nerve connections. These nerve connections build a stronger more agile brain, creating an easier and happier experience of life.

The Brainbuzzz therapy programme uses techniques that are widely recognised and used around the world. Since the discovery and increased understanding of our neuroplasticity in the 1980’s, more and more research and studies have been initiated into this approach with successful results. The programme takes approximately 4-8 months to complete and is dependent upon daily commitment. However, the results can be life changing and liberating on many levels.