- a Hawaiian form of reconciliation and forgiveness

By John Blosse        

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world

Life events happen in order for us to let go of negative emotion from past memories and trauma. Therefore, any event, be it a relationship problem or even road-rage, the emotion we feel from that event must reside in ourselves in the first place or we wouldn’t know what it feels like to have that emotion.

Life events show us what we need to work on

Unresolved trauma will follow us wherever we go until we feel the emotion from the trauma. When we resolve the trauma, the events will stop. An example of the ‘plague’ of unresolved trauma is when we blame our partners for being just like one of our parents. The issue is unresolved with the parent and we see it in our partner.

Often, we don’t recognise the need to work on life events. Our logical mind is aware of up to 40 bits of information per second. Yet, in that same second our subconscious mind is aware of 11 million bits of information. Our subconscious mind is like a giant computer that feeds the logical mind bits of information based on our beliefs and memories, much of which is false. We see our own version of the world based on this ‘computer printout’. So, using logic alone, we will never find the key to letting go of our problems.

Ho’oponopono shows us that by saying sorry and asking forgiveness for our part in any event in our lives (including our relationships), we can take 100% responsibility. We put down the swords of un-forgiveness, blame and resentment.

However, taking responsibility is only the first step. So, if saying sorry and asking for forgiveness allows us to take responsibility, how do we heal?

Healing with Ho'oponopono:

The following phrases form the basis of Ho'oponopono:
I’m Sorry,
Please Forgive Me,
I Love You,
Thank You

There is the logical mind or conscious (mother), the subconscious (child) and the superconscious (father). When we ask for forgiveness (via our subconscious which holds all the memories, trauma and beliefs) from the events in our lives that cause us emotional pain and appeal to the superconscious the emotion we feel is, in turn, transformed by The Divine into a more loving emotion.

When we believe in something ‘greater’ than ourselves, that we are a part of, e’g. the universe or our higher self - a force for love and kindness – we become aware of our superconscious. When we view the world through our logical mind it is as if we see the world from the viewpoint of an ant. The superconscious is all knowing and all seeing. It knows what we need to let go of at cellular level. It knows exactly which memories we need to let go of, which we would never find using our logical mind.

The power of Ho'oponopo lies in its simplicity

Ho’oponopono is simple to use but very effective. Like any therapy technique that is worthwhile, the accumulative effect takes time in order to see real change.

To recover from any problem or issue requires a sustained effort every day by ourselves. An experienced therapist can and should offer support but the main work has to be done at home, by us. It only takes a short time each day!



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