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As we approach a festive frenzy towards the end of the year, our activity levels can often rise whilst the natural environment ebbs - energies previously expanding into growth and productivity go deeper to conserve resources as the nights draw in to Winter Solstice. As the seasonal change to winter naturally draws our attention inwards, we can benefit from following this flow and observe how our energy levels respond and how comfortable we are feeling in our body and mind. Cultivating curiosity through practising qigong, we regularly tune into and optimise our deep reserves of energy ready to expand into spring. During winter, we reflect the gathering process in our practice by taking in more energy than we give out with relaxed effort, letting everything quieten down – helping the mind settle.


The Benefits of Qigong

‘Being natural’ is a key component of internal energy arts – ancient practical methods of developing harmony and balance to remain smooth and rolling with ease through inevitable change.

On a physical level, qigong develops balance; enhancing stability and rootedness by aligning the body well to reduce compression and impeded function of the organs – the cornerstone of our health. Flexibility and responsiveness practiced in internal energy arts ripple out to all levels of our being. Rooted in Taoism, the Water Method system stems from a deep awareness of the internal balance within our bodies, mind and spirit in all seasons of our lives.

Finding space to seek the deeper currents within our everyday life and ‘relax into your being’ as my teacher lineage holder master Bruce Frantzis describes, can seem elusive. It is common to place our focus on wishing for 'more time, more energy' and to push through tiredness with the aim to relax after certain tasks are met, with the evidence of ‘diminishing returns’ for our overwork hot at our heels. When the space is then available to stop and take it easy, we can encounter exhaustion, non-refreshing rest/sleep or unease as we strive to truly relax into the experience. We can often wonder how some people seem to go, go, go all the time while some seem to struggle to make it day to day, although this may not be sustained over a whole lifetime.

The Chinese believe we inherit a store of energy at the moment of conception; this sets up our potential health throughout our lifetime. The 'postnatal energy' is the energy that we draw from the natural environment and supplements our inherited constitution. How we live our daily lives can determine how much or little we benefit from the natural energies that surround us, for example, the food we eat. By bringing our attention how the nutritional quality and vitality of food have been kept fresh and true to their source, we harness the vitality. Similarly, qigong techniques connect us with our ‘feeling awareness’ to helps us sense and greatly enhance our own vital life force (qi-‘chee’) for preventative health and to recover when injured or experiencing ill health.

Medical Qigong is designed to support our natural ability to heal and to remain well; it is a longevity practice for all ages making the art of moderation fun by helping you feel more alive! Staying within 70% of your capacity, ‘neither doing too much or too little’, we apply full effort without force or strain thereby reducing relapse or re-injury and accomplishing your goals in a sustained and relaxed manner.

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong is a 1,500-year-old method based on Chinese Acupuncture, the movements are designed to activate and maintain smooth, even and full chi (life force energy) flow. Rejuvenating the body in a similar manner to Acupuncture or Shiatsu, the 7 Dragon & Tiger exercises directly connect you with the chi of the energy meridians or channels and release energy that is stagnant – that cannot move freely - blockages that normally build up and lead to aches, pains or deeper malady. During winter, our lymph and blood circulation can be sluggish, the pumping movements of ‘tiger-walking’, along with Taoist breathing enable our immune system to function well over winter and increase blood circulation. These simple, effective, self-healing exercises have been used by an estimated 15 to 20 million people in China to mitigate the effects of chronic illness, they optimise the benefits of treatments such as Acupuncture.  

As stress accumulates in the body through our daily activities, we can apply the techniques of Qigong to be comfortable and at ease. By setting aside 15 minutes a day to tune in, relax and be in touch with the natural ebb and flow of our life energy, you can boost your immunity and enhance your wellbeing in Winter and beyond...

Published by Hove StressBusters
December 2013


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